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Who We Are

The data shows that the coronavirus crisis has laid bare the economic and racial disparities that persist and preclude equal access to essential public goods. As a community, we must come together to partner with those who are most impacted by this crisis. We want every Charlottesville City School student to thrive. Consequently, we are committed to leveraging our networks and resources to raise funds to help address the most pressing needs of our neighbors. We recognize that by having an Advisory Committee that currently consists entirely of white PTO Chairs we will have blind spots. We are committed to centering Black, brown, and other historically underserved people and are actively seeking the participation of a more diverse group who will bring different perspectives to the table. Recognizing that partnership is necessary to alleviate the many inequities of the public school system, we are looking for Parent, Teacher, Administrator, and Equity Council (see 4. Equity Foundations) representatives to join the Advisory Committee and the following school-specific fund distribution committees. Please contact your school Principal or PTO (see links below) if you would like to be involved or have suggestions for the use of funds.  

Charlottesville City Schools Division Website

Who We Are: Intro


The School Committees make the school level grant decisions. 

The Advisory Committee is the committee that fundraises and works with CACF.

Burnley Moran Committee: 

  • Elizabeth Korab, Principal

  • Ernest Chambers, Teacher/Equity Committee member/District COVID Committee member

  • Rebecca Baber, Guidance Counselor

  • Beth Ike, Parent and PTO Rep

Charlottesville High Committee:

  • Nicole Armstrong, Assistant Principal

  • Jeannie Pfautz, ESL Teacher

  • Nikki Eubanks, School Counselor

  • Nancy Hopkins, CHS PTO

Clark Committee:

  • Rolando Tillman, Assistant Principal

  • Aisha Anderson, Administrative Technician

  • Catherine Gray, ESL Teacher

  • Stephanie Snider, School Social Worker

  • Najwa Welch, School Counselor

  • Joey Conover, Parent and PTO President

Greenbrier Committee: 

  • Dina Fricke, Principal

  • Chantel Beverly, Asst. Principal

  • Katherine Plunkett, Librarian

  • Sarah Hathaway, First Grade Teacher

  • Adele Lafontaine, Reading Specialist

  • Tiffany Scott, Social Worker

  • Raven Bruno, PTO President

  • Jennifer Hendrick, PTO Treasurer

Jackson-Via Committee:

  • Dr. Justin Malone, Principal

  • Emily Axelbaum, Equity Committee and Teacher representative

  • Trisha Goodall, PTO Rep

Johnson Committee:

  • Summerlyn Thompson, Principal

  • Carmella Johnson, Assistant Principal

  • Stephone Snider, Social Worker

  • Allison Pillow, School Counselor

  • Christine Esposito, Gifted Education Specialist

  • Holly Hatcher, Parent and PTO Rep

Venable Committee: 

  • Erin Kershner, Principal

  • Mary Gentry, PTO President

  • Cicely Shelton, Librarian/Equity Committee

  • Malikkah Redden, Guidance Counselor

  • Porsche Roberson, Parent

  • Maggie Strong, PTO Treasurer

Walker Buford United Committee:

  • Rebecca Kenner, PTO co-chair

  • Kisha Lashley, Buford PTO parent

  • Kara West, Walker PTO parent

  • Bridget Drain, Walker teacher/equity committee

  • Kevin Anderson, Buford AP/equity committee

  • Adam Hastings, Walker Principal

Advisory Committee

Who We Are: Intro
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