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Financials as of March 4, 2021

  • Amount raised and committed: $161,098 from 185 donors

  • Amount disbursed to school PTOs: $159,000

  • Amount allocated by school PTOs: $101,197 (64%)

  • CACF administrative expenses: $1,299

  • 3/4/2021 - Fund balance of $3,378 transferred to CCS to supplement special needs transportation

School/Disbursement to School/Allocated to Date

Buford / $22,364 / $7,050

Burnley Moran / $8,444 / $7,599

CHS/LMA / $35,744 / $29,192

Clark / $17,712 / $12,718

Greenbrier / $9,627 / $8,436

Jackson-Via / $18,85 / $9,477

Johnson / $12,301 / $6,147

Venable / $6,802 / $2,376

Walker / $27,161 / $21,273

Total / $159,000 / $101,197

Financials: Intro

Use of Funds

These are expenditures reported as of December 17, 2020. School Committees are regularly meeting to consider distributions and prioritizing students and families with the greatest needs. Additional needs such as childcare with partner organizations and other families needs have also been met by CARES Act funding, individual school PTO, donor and other CCS district funds.

  • Buford: Art supplies for all students for home use, grocery store gift cards, financial support of tech for community partner Abundant Life, virtual learning center tuition support to Redemption Church, rent and utility assistance to families, PPE for staff, and student supplies and snacks for select in-person learning

  • Burnley Moran: Headphones to support virtual learning, notebooks, take-home activities for all grade levels, direct family assistance (rent, grocery gift cards), and 450 yoga mats and 150 water bottles for in-person return

  • CHS/LMA: Headsets with microphones, Chromebook chargers and styluses, scientific calculators, art supplies for home use, grocery store gift cards, bulk non-perishable food distributed at CHS Cares drive through event, direct rent and utility assistance to families, meal giftcards for LMA families

  • Clark: Laptop desks, personal white boards, sensory bins, math manipulatives, books, headphones, art supplies, virtual learning tutor and center tuition, rent and utility direct assistance, shelf stable food and winter clothes, outdoor recreation items, PPE for staff and students

  • Jackson-Via: Pre-K headphones, Kindergarten/1st grade math manipulatives and counters, 3rd grade dice and card decks, 4th grade homeroom books, wobble chairs, fidget items, desks for at home use, virtual learning center tuition support, yoga mats, direct grocery and utility support to families, art supplies for all students, disinfectant wipes

  • Johnson: Direct rent and utility support for families, books, grocery gift cards for 75 families, yoga mats, safety glasses, headphones, pencil boxes, plexiglass dividers, tuition assistance for Boys & Girls Club virtual learning center

  • Greenbrier: Family food assistance for 100 families, K-4 virtual learning supplies, storage organizers for virtual learners, transportation support for ESL students at International Neighbors virtual learning center

  • Venable: Headphones, art supplies and instruments for home use, letter manipulatives, books, individual whiteboards, jump ropes and stress balls

  • Walker: CVS gift card to family for essential needs, art supplies for home use, grocery store gift cards, financial support of tech for community partner Abundant Life, winter coats, hats, gloves, materials for ESL students, rent and utility assistance to families, virtual learning center tuition support to Redemption Church, headphones and microphones, supplies and materials to support outdoor in person learning, such as foldable/stackable stools, rolling carts and bins, boundary cones, clipboards, walkie talkies, student water bottles, and first aid kits

Financials: Intro

Thank You Donors

Over 100 donors as of September 15, 2020!

Today we are excited to announce that THANKS to the Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band and The Smith Family “Always Am” Fund, we have a "Double Match" challenge opportunity.  Both have committed to donating $25,000. If the community can raise an additional $25,000 that equals $75,000 for Charlottesville City School students! 

In the first month, more than 100 generous donors - parents, community members and local businesses - gave to the Fund. The PTOs are asking for additional community members and businesses to join these initial 100 donors in supporting our city schools in meeting the needs of every learner, every day, everyone. Donate Now to help meet this exciting “Double Match” challenge.

On behalf of the PTOs, Families, Teachers, and Staff of Charlottesville City Schools we would like to thank all of the individual parents, community members, and local businesses like Tiger Fuel who donated, and thank you to Sonjia Smith for her very generous donation of $25,000. 

“As an essential business, we feel it is important to give back to the communities that we serve. While COVID-19 has been a challenge for all of us, we’d like to do everything we can to ensure students in Charlottesville have high-quality learning experiences and are given every opportunity to succeed,” said Gordon Sutton, President of Tiger Fuel Company.

School-level committees have begun authorizing expenditures for headphones, manipulatives, books, supplies for home classrooms, assistance to families for virtual learning center tuition, and more. To ensure resources are directed equitably, distribution percentages are based on each school’s population of students receiving free and reduced lunch. The use of the funds are determined by individual school level committees comprised of a PTO representative, teacher, administrator, and an equity committee representative. Allocations will be reported on the Fund’s website and can be found at:

As families settle into virtual learning, new needs will emerge, and the financial stressors facing some families have only increased. Supervisor of Equity and Inclusion, T. Denise Johnson said, "We appreciate our parents' and community's incredibly generous support and hard work. Ensuring every student has the materials and resources they need for equitable participation in the virtual model is imperative and crucial during this time."

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