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Why the joint fund? Why not just handle it school-by-school and PTO-by-PTO? 

The unprecedented challenge to our children’s education posed by COVID 19 and virtual learning requires out-of-the-box thinking.

CCS PTOs are partnering to raise funds district-wide rather than focusing only on their own schools at this time because we are stronger together -- and together is the best way to build equity for all of our children.

This fund will not replace each school's PTO, and anyone is welcome to still donate to their school of choice separately. We have simply decided that coming together to raise money in a unified manner will be the most effective and equitable.

How will the money be distributed? 

Funding will be divided and allocated quickly to PTOs at all seven elementary schools, Buford Middle,

Charlottesville High, and Lugo-McGinness Academy. Distribution percentages will be based on each

school’s population of students receiving free and reduced lunch. 

The use of the funds will then be determined by individual school level committees comprised of a PTO representative, teacher, administrator, and an equity committee representative.

What types of purchases will the funding support? 

Example expenditures include:

  • Home technology and learning aids, such as Comcast’s $10-per-month essential internet plan, headphones, privacy dividers

  • Supplies and resources that support teachers in setting up engaging virtual classrooms

  • Physical materials requested by teachers for younger and special needs learners 

  • Fees associated with Virtual Learning Centers, such as at YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club

  • Support for community partner Learning Labs, such as at City of Promise and Abundant Life

  • Supplemental food to address food insecurity

  • Supplies and resources that support student’s learning and socio-emotional health

In conversations with Principals and teachers, we recognize that each school community will have its own needs and challenges. That is why we are leaving it up to the school level committees to decide how to best allocate the funds.

How will the purchases be tracked? 

Each school level committee will track how funds are allocated and the administrative committee will oversee a collective reporting process. Grant allocations will be shared with CACF and on the website.

Can I direct my donation to a specific school?

We are not able to direct donations to a specific school through this fund. If it is important that your donation directly benefit a specific school we suggest you contact that school’s PTO or administration directly.

Is there a minimum donation/who can donate? 

We welcome gifts large and small from anyone or any entity who is looking for a way to support the Charlottesville community, our school, and our most vulnerable families during these challenging times. 

That ranges from individuals who might normally give $10 to their neighborhood school to companies who might consider a large donation as a way to support all local schools and students. 

When the need is so dire, every dollar counts. 


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